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Papers and presentations

Mark Allen, Fellow, CASE Research Data gathering and financial regulation (paper)
Philip Allen, Chairman, XBRL UK Conference organiser
David Anderson, HCL Panellist
Steve Baker MP Chairman, All Party Parliamentary Group on Economics, Money and Banking Introduction
Ignacio Boixo, Eurofiling Track chair
Antoine Bourdais, Invoke Panellist
Sharon Bowles MEP, Chairwoman, Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament Keynote address
Derek De Brandt, Aguilonius Panellist
Simon Hills, Executive Director, Prudential Capital, Risk and Regulatory Relationships, British Bankers' Association Conference chair
Alan Hilton, Ernst & Young Management challenges around enhanced reporting
Eric Jarry, Banque de France Using standards to reduce the filing burden
Jason McCreight, Deloitte Driving ROI through financial reporting
Gilles Maguet, Secretary General, XBRL Europe Conference co-organiser
Victor Morilla, Banco de España Overview of the data standards underpinning CRD IV
Levine Naidoo, IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Smarter governance: combining compliance and performance optimisation
Robert Priester, Deputy Chief Executive, European Banking Federation The new supervisory framework (paper)
Campbell Pryde, XBRL.US Track chair
Candice Raybourn, Deloitte MCS Limited Track chair
José María Roldán, Director General Banking Regulation and Financial Stability, Banco de España European reporting - a new paradigm
Aurel Schubert, Director General of Statistics, European Central Bank What will CRD IV change?
Jon Siddle, CoreFiling Limited Panellist
Wolfgang Strohbach, Policy Expert, European Banking Authority and Meri Rimmanen, Policy Expert, European Banking Authority EBA update on the ITS for supervisory reporting (COREP and FINREP)
Dr Said Tabet, EMC Corporation, Office of the CTO Enabling traceability and transparency with standards-based regulatory reporting
Thomas Verdin, Theia Partners Panellist
Andreas Weller, European Banking Authority Panellist
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