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Why join XBRL UK?

Membership of XBRL UK provides a range of benefits, including full membership of the XBRL International consortium. Membership is open to organisations of any size and to academics.

Members of XBRL UK have full access to XBRL International's conferences, events and collaborative facilities. XBRL UK is also a member of XBRL Europe, bringing members the right to participate in XBRL Europe's key working groups and in the twice-yearly events run in conjunction with the regulator-led Eurofiling group.

Benefits of membership in XBRL UK include:

  • Access to the latest and best technical information on XBRL through working groups, electronic discussion groups, phone conferences and meetings,
  • Early information on XBRL projects, technical plans and taxonomies during their development,
  • Advice and support from the leading experts on implementing and using XBRL,
  • Direct contact with vendors of XBRL software tools, with opportunities for cheaper access to tools and training,
  • Information on how companies, industries, government, regulators and consumers of financial information are planning to use XBRL in the UK and around the world, giving insight into business opportunities and other potential benefits,
  • Networking with other XBRL members, identifying common interests and possible partnerships,
  • Ability to publicise and demonstrate products through XBRL consortium announcements and events and
  • The chance to participate in setting XBRL plans, requirements and priorities.

Organisations can thus gain advantages in implementing and using XBRL, an earlier and improved understanding of the business and technical opportunities which XBRL offers and the possibility of achieving a significant lead and improved positioning when introducing XBRL in products and services.

XBRL UK sets different levels of annual fees for organisations depending on their size. The largest corporations pay £5,000, but fees range down to £100 to members of academic institutions. See fees for more information.

How to join XBRL UK

Email info@xbrl.org.uk for information on how to join.

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