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Membership Fees

The following are the current annual membership fees for XBRL UK.

Staff numbers relate to numbers of staff based in the UK. (International organisations should note that only their UK staff will become XBRL participants when they join XBRL UK. Staff in other areas should join the XBRL organisation for that area. See the XBRL International website for more information.)

Size of organisationFee (£)
More than 100 staff5,000
21 to 100 staff, inclusive2,000
11 to 20 staff inclusive1,000
10 or fewer staff500
Academics and unaffiliated individuals *100

* Unaffiliated individuals means those who are not representing an organisation which would attract a membership fee of £500 or more.

How to join XBRL UK

Email info@xbrl.org.uk for information on how to join

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